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Kozee Sleep Products
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Field Sales Executive

Key responsibilities:

1. Cultivate and maintain strong client relationships through regular communication, meetings, and presentations, ensuring exceptional service delivery and client satisfaction.
2. Collaborate with the marketing team to develop and execute innovative sales strategies and campaigns that effectively promote Kozee Sleep Products and drive revenue growth.
3. Identify, pursue, and secure new business opportunities by proactively prospecting and networking, leveraging existing industry connections.
4. Conduct through market research and competitor analysis to identify trends, market demands, and potential areas for growth, providing valuable insights to guide strategic decision-making.
5. Prepare and deliver persuasive sales presentations, proposals, and product demonstrations to prospective clients, effectively communicating the unique value proposition and benefits of Kozee Sleep Products.
6. Negotiate and close profitable sales deals, ensuring terms and conditions align with company objectives and profitability targets.
7. Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams including operations, customer service, and finance to ensure seamless client onboarding, order fulfilment, and ongoing support, while continuously improving the overall customer experience.

At Kozee Sleep Products, we are seeking a dynamic and results-driven Corporate Sales Executive to join our growing team. As a key member of our sales division, you will be responsible for driving revenue growth by cultivating strong client relationships, developing innovative sales strategies, and securing new business opportunities. With your exceptional client interaction and relationship-building skills, combined with your fluency in written and spoken English, you will excel in this role.
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